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Unlock the true revenue potential of your enterprise data.

The ability to easily access and analyze data is critical for an enterprise to successfully navigate a dynamic marketplace. From a descriptive analysis of “how things are”, to a predictive analysis of “what might happen”, to the final prescriptive analysis of “what to do about it”; enterprises heavily rely on big data analytics to craft their strategy.

How Srijan Helps

Srijan's Big Data solution teams work with enterprises to understand their siloed data assets and map out how these can be leveraged to drive tangible business outcomes. We help:

Prepare and Process Enterprise Data

Identify these disparate data sources, and integrate them into the enterprise analytics layer

  • Data extraction from multiple sources, data profiling, and metadata and quality analysis

  • Data landscaping and modeling to fit desired business use cases

  • Set up required workflows to make data easily accessible across the enterprise

Optimize Data Gathering and Presentation

Get real-time visibility and access to your enterprise data, and optimize analysis and reporting:

  • Aggregating and cleaning data from disparate sources, and seamless integration with DWH and ERPs

  • Data visualization and analysis through interactive dashboards

  • Simplified, streamlined reporting with open source or proprietary tools

Derive Insights

Tap internal and external, structured, and unstructured data for large volume pattern recognition and predictive analytics:

  • Self-service BI platforms to extract statistically significant insights specific to decision-makers’ KPIs

  • High-performance ad-hoc analysis to drill down for what-if scenarios

  • Recommendation engines and decision science apps based on scenario-driven questionnaires, to deliver real-time benchmarks and predictive insights

How Enterprises Benefit


Big data solutions are the first step for enterprises in adopting a data-driven approach to their operations and strategy. Here’s how they stand to gain:

  • Get a 360 degree view of business processes across the organization

  • Take smarter, informed decisions based on near real-time data obtained from a single source of truth

  • Reduce time spent on data gathering and reporting, and dedicate resources to more value-added tasks

  • Accelerate new product and services development with insights into market trends and customer preferences

Put your enterprise data to use, for strategic decision making, capitalizing on time-sensitive opportunities, designing new revenue streams. Start a conversation with our big data solution experts, and explore how Srijan can help.

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Unlock the true potential of your enterprise data assets.