Drupal-BPM Integration

Integrate powerful BPM portals with your Drupal CMS to simplify complex enterprise workflows.

As enterprises rapidly scale up, they have multiple teams and applications working in tandem. And the challenge is managing and syncing all the numerous tasks. This is solved by implementing a business process management engine(BPM) engine. 

However, if you already have a CMS in place, like Drupal, that your users are familiar with, you run into a second challenge. How do you ensure that your users benefit from the workflow, without having to re-train everyone to leverage the new technology?

The answer is to integrate your CMS and the workflow engine, so users benefit from both, without having to invest in learning new processes. There are several open source BPM platforms like Camunda, BonitaPBM, Activiti, Appian that can handle enterprise workflows. 

At Srijan, we implemented a Drupal-Camunda integration to great results. The Camunda BPM workflow engine, when integrated with the Drupal CMS, is the best way to create user-friendly BPMN portals to manage your enterprise workflows.

What is Camunda BPM

camunda bpm description

Why Camunda

  • Business Friendly: Easily customizable business process applications and real-time data monitoring

  • Developer Friendly: Light core engine, and easy to use BPMN-CMMN-DMN modeler

  • Scalable: Easily scalable based on organizational requirements, unlike any other hybrid or in-house developed BPM models

  • Easy Integration: Seamless integration with third-party apps and your existing content management system

Why Integrate Camunda with Drupal

Srijan is helping enterprises integrate their Drupal CMS with the Camunda BPM workflow engine. This brings in distinct benefits for enterprise workflows:

  • Ease of Use: Users on your Drupal portal would benefit from an integrated Camunda workflow, without having to familiarize themselves with the Camunda tasklist

  • Leverage Drupal Features: Drupal features such as content management, and personalization can be leveraged for complex workflows

  • Leverage Camunda Features: Drupal workflows can now have features like process definition history & versioning, process heatmaps, and process instance history

You can also take a look our quick video on how the Drupal-Camunda integration works.

If you are looking to streamline complex workflows on your Drupal portal, let’s start the conversation on integrating a BPM platform with Drupal.

Drupal-Camunda BPM Integration

Drupal-Camunda Integration

Simplify complex enterprise workflows with a Camunda-Drupal integration that creates powerful BPMN portals.