DrupalCon Barcelona was full of interesting sessions. Here is one on Inclusive Design by Radina Matic.

Why Web Accessibility is Important?
The Web is an increasingly important resource in many aspects of life: education, employment, government, commerce, health care, recreation, and many more. It is essential that the Web is accessible in order to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities. An accessible Web can help people with disabilities to participate more actively in society.
List of Web Accessibility-Related Litigation and Settlements
Test with users, a11y compliance does not always mean functional compliance
Best practices lead to a better experience for everyone, not just disabled users

How to Implement Accessibility

There are few things we have to take care when developing websites:

  • Pages and elements within pages should be navigated with keyboard
  • Marking up forms semantically
  • Adequate colour contrast
  • Use of ‘alt’, ‘title’, ‘em’,  and use ‘aria’ attributes