The Drupal Watchdog is Drupal’s only dedicated print magazine with contributions from many expert Drupalers. Its latest issue, published on August 2015, carried an article by Sweta Shahi, a Scrum Master and QA Analyst at Srijan.
Drupal is constantly evolving with new, minor versions of Drupal core and numerous contributed modules coming up regularly. Web applications running on Drupal need to take this into account and frequently update their code. This requires testing and planning to implement all updates in a phased manner. 
Sweta has come up with a really simple workflow to help test and plan regular updates for web applications on Drupal. A long list of updates queued up for implementation can seem like a challenging prospect. But the process is manageable when broken down into high, medium, and low-risk categories and prioritized accordingly.
In her article, Sweta summarizes the need for regular updates to web applications and talks about running tests before and after installing updates. She also writes about available test templates and the modifications required to make them work for any application. The need for test automation has also been dealt with. She concludes with a case study on how the entire process can be managed without a hitch.
Overall, we think it was pretty well put together. Give it a read and let us know if you think it is helpful.