Flight Centre (FC) is one of the world’s largest travel agency groups. It has company-owned operations in 11 countries and a corporate travel management network that span more than 75 countries. It employs more than 15,000 people globally and has a total of 2500 stores.

  • Created custom module from scratch to achieve third-party financier integration
  • Implemented widget on 5 different sites in 2 months
  • Increased offer inquiries, with an average 21% of visitors opting into Lombard

Srijan has been a long-time outsourcing partner for Flight Center, working on continuous development for their Drupal projects. 

FC has a multisite architecture, with all sites running on Drupal 7. Their IT setup also has multiple third-party integrations with Drupal, that include a number of custom modules. Their recent integration was with Lombard, a third-party financier, on several of their brand sites.

The Problem

As a travel enterprise, FC offers several packages that are lucrative, but are out of reach for certain customer segments because of a high price tag. FC wanted to make these offers affordable for their budget customers, and hence decided to implement partial payment solutions for such offers.

They had chosen Lombard, a third-party product that breaks down offer prices into six/nine/twelve month payment schemes, that is affordable for the budget segment. 

The goal was to integrate and implement Lombard on five different sites run by FC.

The Solution

Srijan decided to build custom modules for FC’s Drupal 7 framework, to achieve Lombard implementation on their multisite architecture. 

Srijan was building the module from scratch, as a Drupal-Lombard integration had not been attempted before. The final module delivered the following functionalities for the site admins:

  • Ability to configure the minimum offer prices for which the Lombard widget would be displayed

  • Ability to configure which schemes (3/6/12 months) would be made available for which products or packages

One key challenge was that each of the five sites had different themes and brand elements. The Srijan team had to ensure that the Lombard widget fit seamlessly into the theme and brand guidelines of each site, while also being responsive. 

The team devised a solution that would be customized for each site, while minimizing duplication of work. The basic idea was to write a common code that offered the key functionalities, which could be reused on all five target sites. This was combined with site-specific CSS and design templates, that would make it compatible with the brand elements and theme of each site.

This theme specific Lombard widget was fit into the header and product inquiry form of each of the 5 sites. 

Since FC has multiple third-party integrations, they have a stringent code review process to maintain the performance and integrity of their product. So all code written by the Srijan team was verified on Vagrant, using Drupal, SaaS, and JS linters. The code was also reviewed by FC to determine if it took an optimized approach to solving the problem. 

Srijan’s code performed exceptionally well to pass through FC’s review standards, both in terms of offering an optimal solution, and executing it through clean code.

The Srijan team coordinated with the FC Digital Lead to understand all requirements. User stories and tasks for all site implementations were being tracked on Kanban boards, with the FC team deciding the task priority. 

Lombard implementation was carried out sequentially for each site, and FC expected a minimum time frame of two weeks for each site. However, the Srijan team was able to resolve each site in one and a half weeks, and completed all five sites within eight weeks from the start of the project.

Business Benefits for Flight Centre

  • Increased offer inquiries with an average 21% of visitors opting into Lombard

  • Custom Drupal integration for third-party financier of their choice

  • Accelerated implementation, achieving project completion two weeks ahead of schedule

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