Culture of Continuous Learning

A team that's invested in continuous learning and improvement, to serve our clients better.

At Srijan we have always believed in continuous learning and improvement. There is no other way to be, we think. And that is at the heart of our solutions and services that leverage new and emerging technologies.

What can we do better? Is there a better technology to solve this challenge? How can a task be done faster, better? What process improvements will enable better results for the clients? What do we need to learn next to create even more value? How can a process be optimized, to save on resources and time?

When we ask questions like these, we are able to push the envelope and explore new ideas and see different points of view. We are able to experiment with new ideas and see the results, and modify as required to solve key business challenges.

Moving to an Agile methodology over five years ago helped institutionalize this spirit of questioning and debate among our teams. Having retrospectives and seeking feedback actively helps us identify areas of improvement and move quickly on what we need to fix, and how. We also run meetups, sessions led by industry and tech experts, and hackathons and webinars that help us stay abreast of new technologies and innovations as well as contribute to the community by sharing our knowledge and expertise.