Empowered Teams


Being an Agile-Scrum development company, Srijan has a transparent and communicative work culture. We do not hide our developers behind managers. All team members are encouraged to be on client calls, and take turns in giving project demos every two weeks. This makes all members of a team become comfortable with client managers, be communicative, ask questions, challenge decisions, and most importantly, get a first-hand understanding of the client’s business needs.

This behavior

  • helps maintain their focus on business outcomes
  • makes them care for what they are building, the business problem they are solving

This creates a positive cycle of continuous improvement.

Focus on Lean Teams

At Srijan, we staff Agile project teams with the right mix of skills, for the entire duration of the project.

We spend a lot of time, effort, and money in cross-training our members across development and front-end engineering, to bring them close to being full-stack developers. This helps increase project efficiencies and helps reduce the cost of development by reducing the members on the team.