Enable 24x7, simplified accessibility to information through chatbots and voicebots - for your customers as well as internal stakeholders

Text-based interfaces that can interact with users on their preferred digital platforms can be transformational for enterprises. Chatbots can efficiently drive customer conversations, and offer an intuitive brand experience that is available round-the-clock. An enterprise chatbot also drives efficiency and productivity in diverse enterprise operations and business processes.

From the simple informational ones that answer customer queries, to complex predictive ones that leverage natural language processing, enterprises are turning to chatbot development for diverse business use cases.

How Srijan Helps

Platform to drag-and-drop interface 

  • No dependency on engineering teams to build/add utterances
  • Understand and tweak user journeys as required
  • Share visual flows with internal teams for easy feedback

Integration with industry-leading NLP engines 

  • Leverage Amazon Lex and Dialogflow to build your bots
  • Leverage Rasa for in-house/on-premise bot solutions

Performance analytics to increase bot performance

  • Identify and incorporate missed utterances
  • Monitor conversions and improve user-flows to optimize performance
  • Visualize interaction flow
  • Gather data on intent performance, demographics, engagement, conversion funnels and more

Build smarter bots with AI

  • Incorporate machine learning as bots scale up
  • Understand and optimize decision trees based on performance data
  • Gather user-specific insights to better train your bots

Build once, Consume anywhere

Integrate your bots with the interfaces where your customers are: Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Android, iOS, Amazon Connect, Twilio, Web

How Enterprises Benefit

Simplified Business Processes

  • Supplement traditional BI tools with an ‘asked-and-answered’ approach to data and insights 
  • Round the clock on-demand information accessibility for field-representatives’ assistance 
  • HR process assistance in data analysis, reporting, and employee onboarding

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Contextualized customer interactions through NLP to improve conversions
  • Enhanced customer assistance for task completions, queries, and troubleshooting across digital portals

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Build Intelligent Conversational Interfaces

Design, build, and scale chatbots that serve your specific business needs.