Machine Learning

Harnessing AI, ML, and DL to power rapid, data-driven decision making

For modern enterprises, there is crucial data waiting to be mined at unexpected places. Artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and natural language programming can transform these disparate data formats into actionable insights.

Machine learning as a service helps enterprises optimize resource-intensive processes, as well as create new revenue opportunities. Statistical models and custom algorithms applied to big data are resolving complex business challenges, and driving enterprise top and bottom lines in innovative ways.

How Srijan Helps


Identify Business Goals and Use Cases

Srijan teams work closely with enterprise stakeholders to: 

  • Understand the exact business challenges that can be addressed with machine learning

  • Define the specific capabilities and insights that stakeholders need, and identify the use cases where machine learning can be applied

Data Prep and Exploration

We undertake exploratory data analysis to: 

  • Understand the kind of data that is required to facilitate machine learning in a given use case, and how to access it

  • Data cleansing and normalization

  • Identify and engineer the specific features required for the particular use case

Run Analytical Models

Given the use cases identified, teams decide upon:

  • The exact machine learning models to be employed, like image recognition, clustering, binary or multiclass classification, or regression models, as applicable

  • Set up requisite systems to help run these atop enterprise big data

Drive Business Outcomes

Based on insights derived from advanced analytics, enterprises can leverage:

  • Recommendation applications that prescribe strategic next steps

  • Automated workflows for repetitive manual tasks

How Enterprises Benefit

Machine learning based solutions enable enterprises to:

  • Automate and speed-up simple decision tasks across the organization  

  • Offer intuitive, contextual customer experience

  • Mitigate risk of fraud

  • Save time and resources with intelligent workflow automation

How can machine learning as a service strengthen your enterprise processes and offerings? Start a conversation with our experts, and let's explore how Srijan teams can help.