Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Accelerate your SDLC, optimize application performance, and mitigate risks

For enterprises today, maintaining a competitive edge against industry disruptors depends upon their speed of software development, deployment, and release. Smaller builds and frequent releases have become the industry best practice; enabling agility, efficiency, and faster time-to-market.

At the heart of this shorter SDLC is continuous integration(CI) and continuous delivery(CD). This allows enterprises to set up simplified automation pipelines that build, test, and deploy code. Every piece of code is run through a series of automated scripts before being integrated into the master build. Bugs are identified and resolved faster, before they are too well-baked into the code. Automated environment provisioning and deployment strategies make sure the final release is seamless, robust, and secure.

How Srijan Helps

Srijan’s CI/CD services help enterprise setup a continuous delivery practice with their teams, to enable faster releases. This involves:

  • Architect, and DevOps coach engaged for 4 weeks

  • Discussion and review of software development lifecycle (SDLC)

  • Discussion and review of current digital infrastructure 

  • Discussion of non-production and production environments

  • Discussion and assessment of QA strategies

  • Discussion & review of release strategy and infrastructure

  • Planning and review of risk management, & rollback strategies  

In essence, our teams study your current software development processes and devise a plan tailored to your conditions and requirements. We work with your team to release 2-3 sprints according to the plan, familiarising them with the suggested practices. We also resolve any associated challenges that crop up while executing your release strategy.

How Enterprises Benefit  

  • Faster time-to-market with smaller but frequent releases

  • Faster turnaround with build automation, QA automation, and faster integrations

  • Risk mitigation, as bugs are identified early with frequent commits, and debugging is easier as teams review smaller packages

  • Stable builds as code is passed through multiple automated tests that ensure code quality

  • Improved productivity with efficient processes and automation

Looking to set up a CI/CD practice for your development and operations teams? Let’s start a conversation to explore how Srijan can help.