Bridge the gap between development and operations team for lean, agile, high- velocity product development.

Most enterprises striving to achieve a lean product development lifecycle and faster time to market have adopted DevOps. While it does solve a number of challenges faced by traditional siloed teams, most enterprises are yet to see the promised benefits from their existing DevOps practice. 

Identifying the roadblocks to enterprise DevOps maturity, benchmarking against industry best practices, and adopting the right practices and toolchain is crucial if enterprises are to see significant ROI from DevOps.

How Srijan Helps

  • Audit and Advisory: Process audits for DevOps maturity assessment, review of toolchains, and roadmap for high-impact DevOps adoption

  • Implementation: Process modeling and automation, tools integration, and setting up continuous integration and delivery 

  • Feedback Amplification: 

  • Support: Training enterprise teams, test environment provisioning, and test data management

  • Release Management: Planning project deployment, release manage, and monitoring

How Enterprises Benefit

  • Velocity: Build, test, and deploy products faster with automated processes, and integrated teams

  • Agility: Quickly adapt to changing business needs, incorporate user feedback, add new features, and efficiently respond to outages

  • Reduced Risk: Continuous testing during production and performance monitoring post deployment ensures that you operational state is stable, secure, and has minimal downtime.

  • Increased Revenues: Deliver better products, in less time, and at reduced cost; to achieve business goals and boost revenues

Srijan’s DevOps consulting teams work across your entire product development lifecycle, right from requirement gathering to deployment and monitoring. We aim to optimize each aspect for better, faster performance. Our engineering practices enable continuous delivery and work to realize significant DevOps gains for your enterprise.

Is your enterprise looking to accelerate product development process in an agile, scalable manner? A DevOps audit could be just the thing you need to optimize your development process. Our experts will be in touch to discuss how Srijan's DevOps consulting team can be of help.