Managed Cloud Services

Leverage the best of public cloud solutions with an expert managed services team

Establishing and managing a private cloud architecture is a serious time and resource investment for enterprises. This is why there is a significant shift to public or hybrid cloud solutions, with the latter witnessing a 3x increase in adoption over the past year. 

However, enterprises need a greater degree of customization, control, and flexibility in their use of the public cloud. And while public cloud platforms do offer a set of services, these are not immediately compatible with how enterprises would want to run their operations. This is where managed services teams step in; to migrate workloads, monitor security and performance, and resolve outages.

How Srijan Helps

Srijan helps scale up your enterprise cloud infrastructure, simplifying deployment and distribution while minimizing the risks. Our teams work to deliver:

  • Resource Provisioning: Leverage IaaS with automated infrastructure provisioning using declarative templates

  • Configuration Management: Package Installation, software and resource configuration, and system patching

  • Performance Monitoring: Stay on top of your infrastructure performance with visibility into performance data, alarms, and dashboards for metric logs and events generated by your public cloud applications

  • Governance and Compliance: Manage resource inventory, track configuration changes, monitor user activity, and API call recordings. Automate routine business tasks on the cloud with self-service catalogs.

  • Resource Optimization: Automated recommendations for cost reductions, performance optimizations, and security improvements.

How Enterprises Benefit

  • Significant cost savings as you eliminate full-time, in-house teams to manage your cloud infrastructure

  • Resource optimization as your operations team is freed up to engage in more value-added tasks 

  • Accelerated roll-out of new applications with well-tested deployment and distribution approaches and fault-tolerant configurations 

  • Scale existing projects or launch new projects faster with a well-managed, robust infrastructure

  • 24x7 teams that quickly respond to outages and get enterprise systems online with minimal downtime

Leverage the best out of public cloud services and tailor them to your specific enterprise business requirements. Get in touch with us to start with a highly customized managed cloud service.