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The microservices architecture model is fast gaining ground across enterprises. It is essentially a breaking down of complex system architecture into independent, reusable, and easily deployable suites of services. This enables enterprises to bring in flexibility and agility to their product development lifecycle, and accelerate time-to-market.   

Microservices also enable enterprises to keep pace with technology advancements, upgrading and extending product features and functionalities as required.

How Srijan Helps

Srijan works with enterprises to aid microservices enablement. This is delivered through a comprehensive plan that includes: 

  • Comprehensive study of your application - complexities, features & functions

  • Review and assessment of tools, QA strategies, DevOps practices, security parameters, vulnerability, deployment and production infrastructure, and failover strategy

  • Understand current challenges in operations, and change management

  • Devise roadmap for product enhancement, feature additions, and innovation plan in line with a microservices architecture

  • Discussion on short term and long term goals, growth forecasts 

How Enterprises Benefit

For enterprises keen on gaining a competitive advantage, the adoption of a microservices architecture brings in significant benefits:

  • Flexibility: Freedom to independently develop and deploy services

  • Reusability: Higher reusability as services are independent of each other, and can be used across several different products

  • Easily scalable: Easy capacity enhancements and third-party integration

  • Faster time to market: Easy integration and feature enhancements, faster error resolution

  • Risk mitigation: In case of failure of one service, others remain functional and intact

  • Security and compliance: Use different environments and data centers for critical services

Are your teams just getting started with adopting microservices? Get in touch with our DevOps experts to discuss microservices architecture enablement for your enterprise.