Drupal 8 Training

Custom-built D8 training programme builds D8 basics, module creation, theming, and migration capabilities.

Looking to build Drupal 8 capabilities at your enterprise? Srijan can help.

Srijan’s 5-day hands-on training programme is custom-built for Site Admins and Developers at your enterprise, with experience in Drupal, Symfony and PHP. 

The Curriculum

Day 1: Getting Started

Understand the technical discovery process for a D8 project. Explore new features and learn to manage your D8 installation with composer.

Day 2: The Site Building

Take a step by step approach to learn site building with content management system. This includes creating and managing content types, blocks, users, and views etc.

Day 3: Developing Custom Modules

Learn to develop custom modules, the Block Plugin API, and headless implementation using Drupal API.

Day 4: Configuration Management

Get a walk-through of CMI, multilingual setup, and dependency injections. Also explore Twig, responsive theming, and porting an existing theme to D8.

Day 5: Migration & Mock Project

Learn to implement a D8 website with custom module/theme development, and migration from previous Drupal versions and other CMS.

Why Learn with Srijan?

Drupal 8 training credentials

Our expertise in Drupal 8 is second to none. And we are ready to share the knowledge with your Drupal teams.

You can view our webinar on a crash course for Drupal 8. 

Also do check out  all our Drupal Tutorial webinars.

Just drop us a line below, and we can get started.