JavaScript Services

JavaScript teams with expertise in Angular, Node, and React, helping enterprises create feature-rich and scalable websites and applications.

JavaScript is the technology of choice when it comes to building high-performance enterprise applications. However, there are two problems that enterprises come up against:

  • Choosing the right JS framework or library, that delivers on their expectations

  • Having an experienced JS team at their disposal

The first challenge is easily solved if you evaluate your business requirements against the pros and cons of the different JavaScript frameworks and libraries. We put together a post that dives into the most popular JS frameworks in 2017 and helps you choose the right one for your enterprise.

The second challenge is where Srijan’s JavaScript services can assist your enterprise. Our JavaScript teams come with expertise in the three most popular, and enterprise-ready JS frameworks and libraries currently in use: Angular JS, Node.js, and React.

JavaScript Services

Enterprises can leverage our JavaScript services to enable:

  • Scalable, feature-rich portals that boost customer engagement

  • Reusable prototypes that help validate product ideas before you invest in development

  • Websites with decoupled architecture 

  • Enhanced data visualization that use AngularJS or D3JS in conjunction with BI tools like Tableau or Spotfire

Srijan's JavaScript services help enterprise clients build new features for websites. We also built SEO-friendly Continuous Scroll Framework, Sarus, for a media enterprise using AngularJS and MongoDB. Within a month of Sarus implementation, pageviews on mobile zoomed to over 718%, and the overall number of viewers (desktop and mobile) increased by more than 210%.

Do check out our webinar to explore the possibilities of Node.js applications for the enterprise.

So, if JavaScript features prominently in your business’ technology roadmap, let’s discuss how Srijan teams can assist your enterprise.


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Expert JavaScript Teams

On-boards expert JavaScript teams, experienced in Angular JS, Node.js, and React JS, to help build high-performing enterprise applications.