Front-End Audit

Get a detailed view of your frontend performance, code quality, and accessibility issues that affect your website speed and usability.

While the performance and uptime of websites and applications continue to be critical elements, usability is now viewed as equally critical, if not more, by business heads and large web application owners. A second of delay or trouble in navigating the website is not acceptable to users, and that can potentially be a big loss for the business. Ignoring front-end issues now has a real impact on your bottom line.

Srijan offers Front-end Audit services to help enterprises identify issues that cause slow response times on their websites, impact the rendering speed of all the components, and the usability issues leading to difficult navigation.  

Our team categorizes these issues on the basis of priority, and provides recommendations for fixing them.

Srijan tests the front-end interface with Google Page speed, Performance Analyzer, and WebPage Test. To get an in-depth analysis, our teams perform manual testing to find all possible issues. The testing is done on different browsers and platforms to track compatibility flaws.

Front-end Performance: Our team studies the CSS, images, HTTP requests, and programming languages embedded into your website, for both desktop and mobile versions. This helps our team understand any issues that hamper page speeds.    

Code Quality & Semantics: This consists of reviewing the coding standards for all the issues coming up due to naming conventions in HTML, multiple instances of Inline CSS in HTML, and less usability of code. We provide recommendations to reduce redundancy by creating reusable styles that can be applied to different types of components. This is done keeping in consideration the responsiveness of the website.

Accessibility: Srijan teams study all the elements that impact the accessibility of a website. This is done in compliance with WCAG 2.0 standards. Our teams check for best ARIA Roles to make content and applications more accessible to people with different abilities.

UI and Usability Issues We look at complete customer journeys to find any navigation or design flaws in a user’s experience across multiple touchpoints on the website. The aim is to deliver a seamless and cohesive experience, and we identify if anything is hampering that experience.

Front-end Audit Report: Srijan delivers a comprehensive audit report with all the findings, and the recommendations to fix the issues and bottlenecks.

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