Increasing User Stickiness Using Infinite Scroll for OPEN Magazine

OPEN magazine, the flagship brand of Open Media Network is the weekly current affairs and features magazine. It is available across the country, and has a vibrant design and quality visual content. The magazine has a Drupal website which was built a few years ago. So the site is not responsive, and hence did not deliver a good experience on mobile devices.


Improved Digital Publishing Options for Conde Nast Traveller

CNT had a website built on Drupal 6. It did not receive the page views that the team wanted because of issues related to SEO. Because of this and security issues, the CNT team wanted to upgrade the website to Drupal 7. At the same time they wanted a new design to be implemented that would be mobile friendly as well as enable flexible and state-of-the-art digital advertising options.

Online B2B Marketplace for India Today Group

The project involved developing a platform that would help small and medium-size companies have an online presence so that they can get leads for their businesses. Srijan’s customer, Integrated Databases India Limited (IDIL), a company that publishes directories for various industry segments, wanted this platform to enable the businesses already in their database. The site was called at the time; now it’s renamed to

Workbench for Editorial Workflows

As media companies deal with increasing content needs of their online and mobile readers, editorial desks are facing huge challenges. There are more content creators, more types of content, and more formats to deal with. Staying on top of all this requires a new workflow that addresses inefficient content development processes, bottlenecks in content upload, ineffective search for unpublished stories, and inability to create different groups for different content needs. Workbench addresses these challenges very well, while giving the users an easy-to-use interface to work with.