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    Accessibility Testing

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    Accessibility is a crucial aspect when it comes to building inclusive websites and applications. With around 15% of the world’s population living with some sort of disability, website accessibility is one of the key ways to ensure that they are able to obtain the same benefits from the internet as others. And that is why is it important to bring empathy into the design, development and testing process.

    It is expected that the design and development teams take care of accessibility since the beginning of the project. However, as with all development, testing is required to make sure that the website or products meet the highest standards of compliance. Hence, accessibility testing is an important type of testing which is performed to ensure that a website and all its functionalities are accessible to differently abled people.

    Srijan teams help clients understand the importance of accessibility testing, both from the perspective of ensuring inclusivity, as well as meeting legal requirements. We can perform both manual and automated accessibility testing. Manual testing uses some of the plugins or browser extensions, while automated testing is performed through the integration of different accessibility testing tools with the automation frameworks. 

    Here’s a look at the tools we use for accessibility testing:

    Manual Testing tools for Accessibility Testing:

    • JAWS, NVDA for Windows
    • VoiceOver for OS X
    • ChromeVox for Chrome
    • Feng’s for Mozilla Firefox
    • Speak Screen for iOS
    • TalkBack for Android

    Automation Testing for Accessibility Testing using integration with different frameworks:

    • AXE: For WebDriverJS (Java)
    • NG-Accessibility: Protractor Accessibility Plugin for Angular Pages
    • Pa11y: To run accessibility Testing as a service
    • Accessibility Validator: Accessibility Testing for Android using Espresso Framework

    Srijan teams also take care to adhere to the highest standards of accessibility accepted across the industry:

    Accessibility Standards:

    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)  2.0, which defines accessibility guidelines for all online content
    • General Services Administration (GSA), Section 508, which defines accessibility guidelines in the US.

    Success Criteria:

    • Levels A, AA, AAA

    Accessibility tests performed at the end of product development are usually not very helpful. Any issues discovered at that point require a lot of time and cost to be reworked. 

    Hence, we make sure to perform accessibility testing at the end of each sprint, once all the functional points have been covered. Any major accessibility issues are resolved in the same sprint before going ahead with further development.

    Although a perfect Accessibility Testing can be performed by the actual differently abled team but Srijan team tries its best to deliver the accurate results covering the highest standard of compliance.