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    Rapid Prototyping

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    Only a small fraction of products that are built, survive beyond the first year. While risk is inherent to innovation, the magnitude of risk can be lowered by engaging clients early in the process of product development. Even better would be to have early sign-ups and money on the table before a single line of code is written.

    Srijan offers product and software prototyping services to help you engage your clients early. It uses Rapid Prototyping Process for better product development.

    If your idea is still on a napkin, we’ll help you ideate, study & research, brainstorm, create whiteboard wireframes, and finally take your product idea of a high-fidelity wireframe; and even a full-blown UI/UX design.

    Customers are able to offer better feedback on applications when they can work on real screens, save real data, and get real results. Our team of UI/UX designers and front-end engineers can help you prototype your visual screen ideas and create real working prototypes in 3-5 weeks. We do this using Angular.js, HTML5, CSS3.

    Applications come to life, are demo-able, and your customers are able to interact with them on a desktop or iPads, offering early & valuable feedback -- which can be the difference between product adoption and success, and, hundreds of thousands of dollars of wasted investment.

    Check out our webinar and get practical understanding of quick prototyping.