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    Real-time User Testing Using Demo Script

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    In Agile development methodology, testing is not a one time activity but an ongoing process which happens simultaneously, alongside development. As each user story gets completed with Unit Testing, it is moved for QA Testing. If the QA engineer finds it acceptable, it is moved to the client team for User Testing.

    At Srijan, the QA team simplifies Agile user testing for the client team, by creating what we call a Demo Script. The idea is to reduce the time spent by the client Product Owner (PO) and his/her team to check out if a feature works the way it is meant to. The Demo Script captures the step-by-step procedure to test a particular feature, along with the relevant web links.

    The QA team creates the Demo Script, which is a collaborative document shared with the development team and the PO. It describes the way an end user, an admin, or any other personnel would use a feature of the product. This script is a real time document where a PO is able to quickly catch if a feature requirement has been incorrectly captured by the development team. The PO can then mark a comment in the document and the feature is sent back for redevelopment.

    Since this is a collaborative document, which is updated very often, sometimes even several times a day, the PO is fully clued in on every feature as it develops. This process cuts down the time in identifying problems and bugs and ensures that the product being developed is as per the client’s business expectations.