DevOps Consulting

Bridge the gap between development and operations team for lean, agile, high-velocity product development.

With enterprises constantly striving for digital transformation, leaner, faster product delivery cycles have become the norm. However, the challenge with shorter release cycles is that your product development and IT operations teams can no longer work in silos. In the current agile development scenario, these teams have significant overlaps, and enterprises cannot afford to neglect DevOps services.

Srijan’s DevOps consulting services can help you streamline your product development process by integrating teams, defining engineering practices, introducing intelligent automations, and enabling agile continuous delivery. Our DevOps engagement process, combined with our expertise on the most advanced toolchain, makes us well equipped to transform your product delivery processes.

What Enterprises stand to gain from DevOps

Agile with DevOps ConsultingAgility: DevOps ensures that your teams are prepared to quickly respond to changing business needs. The development team can deliver new features faster. Integrated processes eliminate complicated handoffs between teams. And the operations team is ready to integrate, deploy, and scale up new functionalities as soon as they have been shipped by the development teams. 


VelocityVelocity: With automation introduced at various stages of the development process, Continuous Integration, and automated deployments, teams are now more productive. Products quickly move to production, there is faster time-to-market, and hence early reception and incorporation of feedback. And this speed could be the difference between being a market leader or just another service provider.


Reduced riskReduced Risk: Eliminating repeated processes and complicated transitions between teams reduces the chances of manual errors. Focus on quality assurance throughout the development phase reduces the risk of errors getting deeply embedded in the product, when it’s difficult and more expensive to fix. Continuous inspection and performance monitoring ensures that your operational state is stable, secure, and has minimal downtime.


Increased revenueIncreased Revenues: With improved user experience, faster time-to-market, and agile project delivery, enterprises are better able to respond to market demands and achieve business goals. DevOps practices directly impact revenues as they deliver better products, in less time, and at reduced cost.

Here’s a look at how our DevOps consulting process works:

DevOps Consulting

Srijan’s DevOps consulting teams work across your entire product development lifecycle, right from requirement gathering to deployment and monitoring. We aim to optimize each aspect for better, faster performance. Our engineering practices enable continuous delivery and work to realise significant DevOps gains for your enterprise.

Is your enterprise looking to accelerate product development process in an agile, scalable manner? Let’s discuss how Srijan’s DevOps consulting services can be of help.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Break the silos. Get you Dev and Ops teams in sync to build better products, faster.