Scrum Teams

Plug and play teams that help enterprises with continuous development, rapid prototyping, and automated QA testing.

Global enterprises today are looking to scale-up their development faster, in a cost-effective manner, without compromising on quality. That might sound like a tall order to fulfil, but that’s exactly what Srijan is helping large enterprises across the world do.

Srijan helps enterprises scale and accelerate their Drupal development. Our teams work alongside your internal teams, and/or your Drupal agency. We work best in the onsite-offsite model, which gives the necessary face-time, as well as the cost advantages of an offsite team. That’s why we are development partners for one of the largest travel companies in the world, one of the top global consulting companies and a large general insurance company in Australia.

With over over 140 people in delivery, 37 of them Acquia certified, we are among the few Drupal companies in the world that can deploy expert Scrum teams quickly anywhere in the English-speaking world.

Srijan’s Scrum teams can plug into your processes, ready to hit the ground running.

Here's What We Deliver 

Our Scrum teams plug into your processes.

Why Choose Srijan’s Scrum Teams?

Deep Drupal Expertise: Srijan teams have been engaged in building complex products using Drupal, other than high-traffic content websites. We’ve created a Drupal-based data sciences platform, a legal transcription marketplace, an eCommerce marketplace. We are also adept at carrying out Drupal integrations with third party enterprise systems such as SAP, Salesforce, SSO solutions, Analytics solutions, etc.

Mature Agile Processes: Srijan embarked on its Agile transformation journey in 2011. We have mature agile processes using tools like JIRA Agile, Confluence, and environments for code reviews and versioning. With a strong focus on learning & continuous process improvement, our teams are able to quickly become integral parts of your enterprise.

Strong QA Practice: Our QA engineers have expertise in using automation test tools and frameworks such as Selenium, BEHAT, CasperJS. Srijan’s Automated Test Framework uses best-in-class tools and processes to enable the delivery of products and solutions that are tested for performance, scalability and security.

DevOps and Cloud Expertise: Our Scrum Teams have expertise in managing Acquia Cloud, Platform, Pantheon, and AWS.

Do check out our webinar to know why enterprises need distributed Agile teams.

If you want accelerated Drupal performance, Srijan's Scrum teams can help you.

Scrum Teams

Scrum Teams

Looking to augment your Drupal teams? Srijan scrum teams are exactly what you need.