Drupal Performance and Security Audit

With performance and security tools like JMeter, NewRelic, OWASP Zap and Nikto, our Drupal audit can identify the exact issues that plague your site, and recommend the best way to fix them.

Can a Drupal website or application perform better than it does right now? The likely answer to that is Yes. The reasons could be many: additions such as new microsites, features, plugins and modules; changes in development team or processes; legacy infrastructure and code, new threats to performance and security, and so on.

Whatever the reason, if an enterprise web application or platform is delivering less than a great experience to its end users, it must be put through a thorough audit.

Srijan offers Drupal site audit services to help business owners of large websites and enterprise platforms identify issues that impact performance and security, and gives recommendations on how to fix them. 

Srijan’s Drupal Audit is performed on a test-bed that we set up in our audit lab with various test tools and plugins. We use JMeter, New Relic, YSlow, PageSpeed to test performance. To test security issues we use OWASP Zap, Nikto and various Drupal modules. 

Visitor Experience: Srijan’s team spends a day on the website, behaving as your website visitor does, to detect bugs, user experience issues, broken links, and so on.

Code Profiling: This uses various tools and modules to check the codebase for coding standards. This set of tests also reviews the installed modules and database configurations. We check the code and database against our best practices checklists for coding, SEO rankings and security. We also conduct an advanced code review in which we go through each line of the custom code written for your website.

Performance Testing: Srijan’s audit team runs scripts to identify poorly performing pages, code sections and queries that affect performance. We identify hardware bottlenecks, and monitor server CPU and memory utilization. We work with JMeter scripts with varying loads to determine scalability, while New Relic is used to get insights into the website’s database performance, modules, Apdex, function performance and front-end performance. 

Security Testing: We use OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 Compliance for security testing. We also benchmark the website against Security Best Practices and Recommendations for Drupal websites.

Performance and Security Audit Priorities

Infrastructure Review: Srijan’s Audit team has server and cloud infrastructure experts who identify issues that may be affecting performance. Depending on the findings, we also recommend a more optimized server setup leading to huge costs savings.

Drupal Audit Report: Srijan delivers an audit report with all the findings and the recommendations to fix the issues and bottlenecks.

So, if you wish to fix all security issues and remove the bottlenecks, just drop us a line below, and we can get started.


Performance and Security Audit

Srijan's Drupal Audit service identifies performance bottlenecks, security risks, and provides recommendations for resolving them.