QA Automation

We make sure you have a high-performing product, in the fastest possible time, with industry leading tools and frameworks like Selenium, Behat, and Jenkins.

Quality Assurance is critical for new product development, and QA Automation is about helping you build the best product in the least possible time. However, QA Automation has also moved beyond product development, and can now help ensure better sites and smooth, error-free interactions at all customer touchpoints.

Srijan’s Quality Assurance services can carry out:

  • Functional Testing: Ensure your product/website does exactly what you want it to

  • UI/Visual Testing: Uncluttered, seamless website UI that enhances usability

  • Performance Testing: Eliminate performance glitches, bugs, and application failures

  • Integration Testing: Schedule continuous test cases to ensure each interaction works perfectly, every single time

Srijan’s QA Automation teams are experienced at deploying industry leading tools and frameworks, like Selenium, Jenkins, Behat, Galen, Wraith, JMeter, CasperJS, PhantomJS, and more. The final choice of automation technology depends upon the exact requirements of your project.

All this is evaluated in complete sync with your team.


As an automation testing company, Srijan can engage with your development team in a few different ways:

End-to-end QA Testing

Srijan teams can join in after 2-3 development sprints, understand the requirements, and start with writing manual test cases. Meanwhile, we also identify aspects of the project that will benefit from automated testing.

We recommend test automation tools based on the project requirements. And also create small POCs to help you evaluate particular testing tools and frameworks.

Deliver Specific Requirements

Clients can share the particular automation tool or framework that they want for their project, and Srijan’s QA automation team will handle its deployment. Clients can also share their requirements for specific regression testing services, or functional testing services, and Srijan teams will deliver the solutions as desired.

You can view our webinar on “Key Ingredients of a Powerful Test Automation System”, to get a clear perspective on the importance of both manual and automated quality assurance services.

And if you are looking for well-executed website and software testing solutions, let's start a conversation on how Srijan teams can help.

QA automation services by Srijan

QA Automation

Ensure rapid production and faster go-to-market times. Srijan's QA Automation tools and frameworks deliver enhanced application performance.