The mobile revolution has brought in sweeping changes to large websites. With traffic soaring and demand for new features or apps to deliver new services to the target audience, enterprises are now looking for platforms that enable swift development that doesn’t require an overhaul of existing systems. JavaScript has emerged as the platform of choice for this. In fact, Forrester hails this emergence- the adoption of JavaScript, and specifically the Node.js runtime environment- as setting the stage for the biggest shift in enterprise application development in over a decade. 

A server side environment, Node.js today boasts of the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world. At the front end, Angular.js, Backbone.js and React.js are setting the standards for the future of web development.

JavaScript is very versatile and usable for a variety of applications. Such versatility enables enterprises to solve their website scalability and load time challenges as well as build features to engage the audience.

JS Projects

Srijan's JavaScript Development Services has been helping clients build new features for websites using JS. For a learning portal, Srijan developed a Node.js feature to enable real-time gameplay over three years ago. Our team developed a prototype using JS, for flexible charting and analytics for an enterprise client. We used HTML, CSS and Angular.js to create a prototype for an online platform startup, which helped them raise funding. 

Srijan built SEO-friendly Continuous Scroll Framework, Sarus, for an Online Publishing company using AngularJS and MongoDB. Within a month of Sarus implementation, pageviews on mobile zoomed to over 718%, and the overall number of viewers (desktop and mobile) increased by more than 210%.

If your enterprise is pursuing JavaScript development and would like an experienced team on board, just drop us a line below.