Ruby on Rails

The fast moving digital world is pushing enterprises to innovate and reach their audience quickly. Addressing the need to become lean and agile, enterprises now focus on Minimum Viable Product (MVP), customer validation, and quick to market solutions. This demands a platform that supports faster product development. And there's nothing better than Ruby on Rails to build, maintain, and scale web products. 

Ruby on Rails, or just Rails, a web application framework written in Ruby, now boasts of being the core engine for startups that have graduated to being well-funded enterprises.

Rails has built-in robust development tools and allows reusability of code. This enables enterprises to reduce the overall product development time, and then scale up as per their needs.

Srijan's team has over 15 years of experience in building web application using RoR. Our team consists of developers who have deep expertise in using Rails, and have seen this framework grow right from the start. Our experts have built a web platform using Ruby on Rails which has been running successfully for the last 10 years. We also provide support for existing web products built in Rails. 

Srijan undertook a maintenance project for Health Care at Home (HCAH) India, a healthcare services company whose entire system is built in Ruby using micro services architecture. In a fortnight, Srijan’s team grasped the architecture and the business aspects, and took over seamlessly. We then went beyond the maintenance and delivered significant business value, which helped the client win a pharma project. We also carried out a discovery to identify how the systems of a sister company could be merged with those of HCAH. This helped the HCAH team plan out the integration.

If your enterprise is looking for an experienced RoR team, just drop us a line below.