26 October 2016

Making an Organizational Transition to Agile

By Rajat Lal

An in-depth look at what's an Agile organization and how do you transform.

Delivery teams in most product development companies follow the Agile methodology. But is that enough? Is it possible to make a whole organization Agile? Does an Agile organization involve having Agile sales teams in addition to Agile delivery teams? What does an Agile sales team mean anyway?

Organizations need to figure if it’s at all possible to completely adopt the agile culture. Is it to be driven top-down, or bottom-up, or some other way altogether? Join the webinar to understand what an organizational transition to agile involves, and how best to manage it.

The Webinar Covers:

  • What it means to build an Agile organization

  • How you can initiate and manage the transition

  • What’s expected of leaders in a Agile organization

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About Rajat Lal

Rajat leads business development and strategic growth at Srijan Technologies. Over the last 15 years, Rajat has worked in customer facing leadership roles to help technology and outsourcing organisations build market presence, positioning and internal processes. He also played a key role in helping them win & manage long term customer relationships.