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Tarun Sharma

Moving from Monolithic to Microservices ArchitectureTarun Sharma

Understand what is a microservices architecture, how to work with it, and how…

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Sugangh Khanna

Simplifying Migrations to Drupal 8Sugangh Khanna

Take a look at how to use various modules for Drupal migration. Also, learn…

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Bryan Ollendyke

Web components, Polymer & Aligning Drupal’s DestinyBryan Ollendyke

Join the webinar and learn how web-components polymer can be used in front-end…

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Jyoti Singh

Demystifying Dependency Injection & Services In D8Jyoti Singh

Resolve the problem of code reusability in Drupal 7! Understand dependency…

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Subhadip and Akhilesh

Leveraging the OGD Platform & Visualization EngineAkhilesh Srivastava and Subhadip Biswas

Join the webinar to understand India's open government data platform, and…

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Ori Bendet

Why Adopt Analytics Driven Testing Ori Bendet

Learn what is analytics driven testing and how to start using analytics for…

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Anil Chandna

Managing QA Touch Points in an Agile ProjectAnil Chandna

Create agile QA workflows that enable faster and smarter project delivery.

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Yogendra and Love

Integrate RabbitMQ with DrupalLove Huria and Yogendra Prasad

Making large Drupal applications scalable and robust with a RabbitMQ…

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